Sunday, November 25, 2012


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! And in the spirit of giving thanks (albeit, a little late) I wanted to share some things I am thankful for this season.

1. My faith. While I have always had it and God has been the foundation of my life, He has been incredibly close more recently. The peace I can feel during hard times is only from Him. The ability to see a glimmer of hope does not come from my own pessimistic personality. And the wisdom to know that everything, and I mean everything, will be perfect in the end can only be from the One who created my life.

2. My husband. He is incredible and the most loving man I have ever met. When he says he loves me, there is no doubt that he means it. When he says that he would still marry me today knowing all he knows now, I know it is sincere (and that he must be just as crazy as I am). When he says that we will have a family by blood or by love, I know that I could not have found a better father for my children.

3. My dog. If you have ever met him, you will understand. While he may be tightly wound and have some anxiety issues, he loves us very very much.

4. And I don't mean my dog is more important than her-my best friend. She has been a rock during a few tough times; being a freshman in college, living in a house with six girls, waiting to get engaged, planning a wedding, learning how to be married, begging to start trying for a family and now waiting for my family to arrive. She knows what I need when I need it and is always there for support or a distracting break from the chaos. I am very thankful to have such a blessing in my life.

5. My family. Despite how large, loud and weird we all can be I will always be thankful for them. They provide the humor that is needed when you feel down. They can remind you that you are not the only crazy person in the world. They will have your back when you need it even if they are miles away. And my family is a testament that blood does not always make a family, and for that I am forever grateful.

5. My friends. New, old, coworkers and all. I have amazing friends. Some are text friends, some are far away friends, some are going out to dinner friends and some are a mixture of all. I know who to call when I need people to pray for me, who to call to have a girls night out, who to turn to if I just need to laugh or who to call for x, y or z- I know someone will be there for me and I am very thankful for that.

6. Yes, this list could go on forever, so I will stop. But just know I am thankful for so much more; my health, job, reliable transportation, house, health insurance, doctors, Texas winter, baked goods, Christmas decorations, coffee, pumpkin anything and the list could go on.

So I hope that everyone had a very thankful Thanksgiving! Now it's time to get Christmas decorations up, watch Elf, bake some yummy holiday goodies:)

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