Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Turkey Box

While reading, please keep in mind this occurred months ago. Not during a time that having a turkey box would be normal...if there ever is such a time.

When we began a more aggressive fertility treatment- I was thrilled. I feel great when there is progressive, forward movement. I feel energized, with a purpose and gung-ho on the whole fertility thing. (And yes that is how you spell gung-ho. Wikipedia told me so.) So when I was told I would be doing a shot when the time was right that cycle, I was beyond excited. (And no, not that kind of shot...which does sound way more fun).

I called the specialty pharmacy I was told to and knew I was in the fertility treatment club big time when the phone tree began; "Press 1 for fertility treatment." Wow. This pharmacy primarily delivers specialty drugs for baby-making purposes. Who knew there was such an industry? So I pressed 1 of course and spoke with the nicest customer service individual who prepared my delivery. Actually every time I call I speak with insanely nice people- but I'm sure they get paid a lot to be nice considering one shot costs almost $200. Insane.