Friday, November 9, 2012

It's Worth It

So before any specialist proceeds with treatment options, an extensive amount of tests must be done. Dear husband was all on board until he realized that meant for him too....

Now any woman who has been through this or is educated at all on the testing process knows that female tests vs male tests is not even a close comparison.

Female tests include blood work, catheters, exams, prodding, poking and so much more. Male tests include....having fun. And we are even lucky enough to live close to our clinic where fun can be had in the privacy of our own home. 

Despite a little procrastination and dramatization from the hubs, the test was scheduled. Now for the amazing and sweet part....

When he went to drop off his...test....and was leaving building, he ran into a man holding a toddler in the lobby. The man looked at my husband and said:

"I know it's awkward, but it's worth it."

Then looked at his son and smiled.

Oh my gosh, I was in tears when the story was relayed to me. My husband knew that story would win him even more brownie points for the day and he was right.

All testing came back great- no problems on that front. But that story has stayed with me. Many women tell you it's worth it, to stay strong or keep with treatment. But for a man to say it to another man during a very vulnerable and awkward time is more rare and provided much encouragement to myself and my husband.

So thank you to the stranger who filled us with hope and provided encouragement during an uncomfortable time. It meant the world to us. 

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