Monday, September 15, 2014

Mall With No Baby

Last week was the first time in a year for me to walk around the mall sans stroller. Without needing to stop and nurse every 5.3 minutes. Without needing to find the best bathroom for a diaper change/stroller parking/mommy actually has to pee as well situation. First time to not have to constantly shove crackers in someone's mouth to make a socially acceptable appearance in an adult clothing store. First time to not need to constantly sway or rock a stroller back and forth to prevent an outburst of gigantic proportions.  

And man was it weird! I found myself looking for the ramps as opposed to the stairs. It was until after the first two times that I remembered stairs were an option....a faster, good option. I also gravitated to the elevators before I remembered the glory of the escalators. The view! The people watching! The ability to be on moving stairs in the middle of a building!

I had time. I mean lots.of.time. In my glory days I could spend quite a bit of time at the mall. But I have been forever altered by the ticking time clock that is a baby. You only have a short window of 'being out in public' time before the bomb goes off and you will be forever embarrassed to claim that little monster as your own. Truth be told, I had too much time. How do you fill a couple hours at the mall without needing to ask rhetorical questions to a small person? Without needing to speak in a annoyingly sweet voice, discussing the shirt you like but know you won't buy because...lets be honest, how the heck would you try it on at this point? Stroller in the dressing room praying the full length mirror will capture their attention long enough to master a wardrobe change faster than Katy Perry? Yeah right. It would have to be the most amazing shirt, at the best price, in the nicest dressing room location ever.

Too much time. I slowed down my walk. Attempted to truly be interested in the fashion in the windows. Sauntered. Strolled. Sipped coffee without acting like it was life juice from the Gods. Took my time. And it was, dare I say it, a bit boring!

As much as I can complain about the lack of 'me' time, I do love that little rambunctious, no longer a baby, a full blown temper tantrum toddler accompanying me throughout the day. Do not get me wrong. He will continue to go to Mothers Day Out one day a week just so I can miss him long enough to forget the craziness he provides to every day outings.

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